Horses and horse supplies for sale in Arizona City, AZ

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I have three horses for sale one 19yr old quarter horse from king ranch anyone can ride asking 1500 for him he is a gelding about 15 12 hands . 1 mustang mare thats ten needs experienced rider asking 1000 for her she is about fifteen hands . 1 four year old thoroughbred stud fifteen hands. Asking 300 do to nub he has under belly come see them try them out.
I have three horses for sale 1 stud 4yrs old thoroughbred ground work done has had saddle bridle and some weight on him he has small ambliblical hernia does not seem to know its there he is fifteen hands smoky brown asking 600 obo next is a mustang mare used for trails cross country very gentle lots energy needs experienced rider 1500 obo she is fifteen hands around 1200 lbs black. Next I have ...
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